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Mission to Mars

Launch into Hamilton Space School


In September 2017, the Mike Roach Space Education Centre was officially opened at Hamilton Secondary College. We are proud to be the only school in South Australia with a designated facility and specialist curriculum to lead space education. Hamilton Space School would like to acknowledge the support, generosity and collaboration of VSSEC (Victorian Space Science Education Centre).

The Space Centre has four main areas which support our space science program – a simulated Martian crater and landscape with seven different geological zones, a Mission Control Room, a Briefing Room, and a space laboratory. It has been designed to provide an immersive, hands-on learning experience. The briefing room is an audio-visual experience where students watch an introductory video about some of the issues that they need to overcome in moving humans to Mars. Students will role play space scenarios with teams taking turns to operate as astronauts dressed in full space suits collecting samples on the Mars surface, and scientists monitoring data and problem solving in Mission Control. The design simulates real-life Martian explorations in the same way that NASA sends space probes to land in craters, as they are prime locations to gather samples.

Our Space Centre and Mission to Mars program provides students with an exciting and unique educational experience. The Space program is supported by a growing number of industry partners who share our vision and goal to be a global leader in space education.

A video featuring the Mission to Mars was produced by the Department for Education and is available to view here.

Please download our Mission to Mars brochure for more information: Mission to Mars Brochure (775 KB)

To make a booking for the Mission to Mars program, please download and complete the booking form: Mission to Mars Booking Form (355 KB). Alternatively, please complete the enquiry form below.

 in collaboration with Victorian Space Science Education Centre