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Special Class

The District Special Class caters for students with an intellectual disability.

Each year, we welcome new students to the Special Class. The class is located in the Hamilton Unit and has capacity for 12 students from across Years 8 to 12. Students are taught by one teacher and supported by one SSO. Entry and eligibility into the Special Class is determined externally through the Special Options process.

We use the One Plan; a personalised learning plan to support students’ inclusion and achievement. The One Plan provides each student with individualised and targeted learning goals and reasonable adjustments, to enable them to access to the Australian Curriculum and SACE, the environment, and teaching instruction.

We foster the development of personal growth and social and emotional wellbeing. We encourage and support integration with mainstream students and staff through specialised subjects, programs and school clubs.

Our focus is to provide students with a holistic and high-quality education, and we value the role of our families as integral partners in our students learning journey as they develop independence and prepare for post-school life.