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International Exchanges

Hosting students who visit Hamilton on a range of study tours from a range of countries is a great way for your child and family to learn more about different countries, cultures and ways of life.

Every second year Hamilton students have the opportunity to visit our friends at Ashima High School in Japan on an amazing nine day tour. Highlights include experiencing school in Japan and visiting the city of Osaka, the second largest city in Japan. Our students get to spend time with a family, getting first-hand experience of the Japanese way of life. To learn more about the rich history and culture of Japan, the students visit the traditional capital of Koyoto where they visit temples in this very sacred city. And of course, the trip wouldn’t be complete without a tour of Universal Studios.

A range of exciting opportunities to build international awareness and understanding await your child at Hamilton. Through International Education Services, our students can join outbound tours, like the South Korea Winter Camp and the annual Mishima trip. As global citizens, Hamilton students have great opportunities to experience the world.