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STEM Update: September 2018

After many months of building works, our new $2.5M STEM facility is set to open in Term 4.

This exciting learning area consists of five open plan areas created to inspire student engagement through the delivery of innovative learning experiences.

  • In the Ideation Zone, students will be able to brainstorm ideas using large write on surfaces, as they collaborate to interrogate problems and design solutions.
  • In the Realisation Zone, students will be able to access the materials and equipment they need to create their designed solutions, using everything from 3D printers and laser cutters to soldering irons, circuit boards and robotics.
  • In the Testing Zone, students will rigorously test and further improve their prototype solutions, which may even involve subjecting their prototypes to testing in our wind tunnel.
  • In the Laboratory Zone, students will examine the science behind the problems they are investigating and create experiments to test their hypotheses before prototyping their solutions.
  • In theĀ Technology Zone students will develop their coding and programming skills and investigate the power of information and communication technology to positively impact the lives of others.

The facility also includes a custom-designed gravity drop tower that will allow students to experiment with the effects of microgravity.