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RUOK? Day Activities

During Week 8, Middle School students were involved in R U Okay? Week, which involved Pathways lessons as well as presentations from community organisations. The Year 8s and 9s learned about how to recognise when someone in their life may need support and how to initiate a conversation with them. The Year 10 students attended a presentation from Ric Chamberlain from Uniting Communities, who gave an engaging and very well-rounded workshop covering mental health issues. The workshop also demonstrated to students how to support friends and family, what can be done to look after their own mental health, and who can support them in times of need. Ric’s workshop was excellent, and both staff and students found it informative and helpful. Year 8s also enacted “Random Acts of Kindness”. This was so much fun and lovely to see some students going out of their way to help others, to say nice things, and to make their classes feel more positive. The week was so successful that the Student Services team are planning to expand the range of activities in 2019.