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Re-Entering Education

Re-entering education is a big decision and an exciting challenge!

We are here to help you decide what the right pathway is and to support you on your journey.

If you are wanting to complete your SACE to embark on the next stage of your life journey, Hamilton Secondary College is the perfect place for you.

If you haven’t completed your SACE and university is where you want to head, you’ll be pleased to know that all of our students automatically qualify for five “bonus points” through the Universities Equity Scheme. Those extra points might just be the thing that gives you an advantage in the competitive world of university entrance! Enrolment enquiries are welcome from prospective students seeking a full-time program.

With a great range of nationally accredited Vocational Educational and Training Courses on offer, we can provide tailored courses for those wishing to update their qualifications or who may be looking for a career change.

As a student re-entering education at Hamilton Secondary College, you have access to a dedicated facility that includes a Study Lounge with computers, microwaves, vending machines and restrooms.

Completing SACE (Over 21)

For students over 21 years of age, Hamilton Secondary College offers a maximum 5 year entitlement to complete SACE.  By completing your SACE, there are many opportunities for further study and training at TAFESA or a variety of National and International Universities.  Gaining your SACE can also provide entry into career paths including the Australian Defence Force, the Police, and the public service. Students can choose from Year 11, Year 12 and VET certificates in order to complete their SACE.

Vocational Learning

At Hamilton Secondary College many students re-entering education find that a combination of VET and SACE subjects is a great way of completing Year 12 and achieving the SACE and at the same time obtaining a nationally accredited certification.

VET courses are designed for students who have a particular career goal in mind and who want to follow an educational pathway towards that goal. Courses on offer at the College range from Certificate I through to Certificate III level. In addition, the College offers Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Media and Screen Production (MAPS).

With the many opportunities opening up in the job market in the future, make sure that you have the skills and qualifications to be a competitive potential employee.

For more information about the vocational courses on offer, please download the VET Brochure (1MB).

Enrolment Process

Enrolment at the College commences from November through to early February. Enrolment enquiries are welcome from the second week in January, with all enrolments completed by the second week of February. Enrolment enquiries for Semester 2 for Year 11 subjects only are welcome from late May with enrolments closing at the end of Term 2.

Students re-entering education at the College must have a Department of Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI) Police Clearance prior to commencing studies if they have had a break of more than six months from secondary schooling. Whilst this process can take as little as three weeks, in some cases it can take a lot longer. We recommend that you start this process at least six weeks before your course begins. The Clearance has been provided to the College before commencing studies with us.

Download Subject Guide Download VET Brochure