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A Visit from NASA

On Thursday, 8th February, we hosted a visit by Dr Christyl Johnson from NASA, along with Hon Susan Close, Minister for Education and Child Development.

Dr Johnson toured our magnificent Space Centre and learnt about our exciting space education programs. She then give an inspiring presentation to 50 Hamilton students, who were joined by another 120 students and teachers from a number of schools.

Here’s what our students had to say:

“Dr Johnson was inspirational. It was amazing to hear about her career” ~ Dorsa, Year 8.

“It was such a privilege to speak with Dr. Johnson. She is an amazing role model” ~ Chrysi, Year 11.

“I really appreciated the opportunity to hear Dr. Johnson speak. She gave good advice about pursuing STEM careers, keeping an open mind, and always seeing the opportunity in everything” ~ Kimberley, Year 12.