VET Programs

VET Qualifications – Certificate Courses

These VET (Vocational Education and Training) courses are designed for students who have identified a specific career focus and wish to follow an educational pathway towards that goal.

Most Stage 2 courses are of a year’s duration and count as 20 credits towards the Student Pathway Plan. A compulsory part of the SACE at Stage 2 is the Research Project which is a semester in length and counts as 10 credits. To complete SACE, students must achieve a C for this subject. VET certificates at level III can contribute to the SACE at Stage 2 level in accordance with the SACE Board Recognition Register.

SACE credits

Completion of certificate competencies contributes to achievement of the SACE. A nominal 50 hours of competencies equals 10 credits. It is possible to gain a maximum of 180 credits (out of the 200 required for the SACE) through completion of certificate competencies.

Certificates at level II can contribute to SACE Stage 1 and certificates at level III can contribute at Stage 2 level. The SACE Board provides a Recognition Register that details the certificates that qualify in the SACE and the number of credits that each contributes.

Students who use a certificate to work towards their SACE will need to include further study at Stage 1 or 2 to achieve the 200 credits required. This will include study of a Research Project of a semester’s duration.

VET qualifications offered

Hamilton VET Handbook 2017


  • Certificate II in Business (BSB20112)
  • Certificate III in Business Administration (BSB30412)
  • Certificate II in Community Services (CHC20112)
  • Certificate III in Community Services Work (CHC30112)
  • Certificate II in Creative Industries (Media) (CUF20107)
  • Certificate I in Education and Skills Development 40650SA
  • Certificate I in Food Processing (Viticulture) (FD10111)
  • Certificate II in Kitchen Operations (SIT20312)
  • Certificate II and III in Information, Digital Media and Technology (ICA20111/ICA30111)
  • Certificate III in Media (Animation) (CUF30107)
  • Certificate II in Sport and Recreation (SIS20312)
  • Certificate II in Tourism (SIT20112)
  • Certificate III in Travel (SIT30212)

Regional Courses

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